People are using a smartphone more than a desktop nowadays notably. Even, the new generation likes to use their phone from time to time. In the same way, in the stock market and the share market, a smartphone plays an important role and ecommerce mobile app.

It’s because there are thousands of stock- and finance-related apps exist in the play store. People are using that app for growing up their share business that is working as an important assistant.

There have five financial android apps arfe described below. Not matter you’re looking for mobile app development Saudi Arabia, these are worth knowing.

Tradingview – Best Stock Charts & Social Investing App

TradingView is an incredible app for a stockholder who has the smartphone. Since this app basically keeps all types of stock information and important update. Sometimes you no need to install this app because you can do all your activities by visiting the site

Moreover, it is a programmable app that will help you to keep update yourself automatically. If you are a new one, you can learn from there. On the other hand, you can see the social interaction and progress.

Firstrade – Buy Stock with $0 Commissions

If you find the best broker, you must use Firstrade. It is because of having the opportunity to sue commission-free stock trade. Meanwhile, it will maintain your stock portfolio so that you can grow your trade business easily.

Moreover, you can receive all types of brokerage advantages by sitting at your home. I think it is so nice thing and a smart app for a stock businessman.

M1 Finance – Mastermind App for Automated Robo Investing

To illustrate, you can copy an expert portfolio for your own necessary. Similarly, you can use its automatic and manual investing system.

If you are busy with your family or career but serious about investment, you can choose this M1 Finance app. On the other hand, you can use their borrowing and current account services with zero commissions.

TC2000 –U.S.A. & Canada Based Stock Analysis & Trading App

TC200 is an updated app and it is used to get reviews and technical issues. Specifically, this app supports all types of smartphones though it has released a new version.

Whatever you get this app the real-time fundamental scanning and screening. It is an easy but powerful stock analysis tool. It is best for those who want to trade in the USA and Canada.

Yahoo Finance – Best App for Free Stocks News & Tickers

If you find a free platform where you can get all stock and trade news, Yahoo Finance will be best for you. This app not only publishes news in written but also publishes the video report.

On the other hand, you can find in this app popular interview with a famous businessman. Besides, you can see here the cryptocurrency rate and real market stock rate.

So, you can trade directly with Yahoo Finance with free of cost. Even, you can randomly select much brokerage for your own facilities. It’s because of this app integrates you to the other broker which is trusted.

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