Below are some serious e-commerce mistakes to avoid. Also, don’t ignore these things when you have to hire an ecommerce web design NYC service.

1. Untrustworthy Design

A new study done at Northumbria University claims that users find a website or brand trustworthy if it has a good and interactive design and content comes later. So for the users, web design is the most important thing and this is where many e-commerce sites make a mistake. Choosing boring and poorly designed web designs without any special features will make you lose your customers.

2. Redundant Product Descriptions

This is what most of us have encountered on e-commerce sites. From Amazon to small level e-commerce sites, they make this serious mistake. Redundancy in product descriptions is done for SEO perspective. But when Google’s crawlers move through it, they will consider it duplicate content. Your site may get spammed anytime. Never make this mistake if you have an e-commerce site otherwise you will end up getting penalized.

3. Not Being Profitable

Most of the e-commerce sites have business models that are not profitable. The companies don’t make much to make growth, improve their services, expedite the delivery system and focus on user experience. When you don’t make growth and enough profits, how can you grow the business? This also means keeping prices competitive and offering customers a reason to buy products from your website.

4. Poor Customer Service

For every ecommerce site, the customer service is the core quality. Without reliable and good customer service, ecommerce stores cannot make progress, attract more customers and be profitable. From ordering products to making payments and to delivery- customers should get 24/7 customer support at every step. With a single bad customer service, you are likely to lose four more customers. Can you afford that?

5. Bad Quality Product Photos

The ecommerce sites are all about products. The users don’t have physical access to the products so they rely on photos. If the photos are of poor quality, don’t show details clearly and fail to convince users to buy it, you should think about a change in the plan. Use high quality images that are clear, show all details and facilitate customers in the decision making process when they have to purchase a product.

6. Complicated Shopping Carts

This is one of the serious and the most irritating things on e-commerce sites, according to a best web design company. Customers don’t trust such sites or stores with the complex procedure of shopping products, making payments and checking out. You have to facilitate your customers at every step. Make this process really simple with just two steps.

7. No Target Audience

The nature of products displayed on the e-commerce site defines its success. Have you done complete market research? Do you have products that users are looking for? If you fail to address these issues, you have no target audience and you cannot sell products. The target audience is necessary to sell products, make a profit, grow your store and be more competitive.

Discuss things with your partners and services you hire like ecommerce web design NYC to keep things under control and geared towards success.

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