You’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach recently and have found so many people are wearing wetsuits. Now you’re thinking, what exactly does a wetsuit do? What are the advantages of wearing a wetsuit?

Ask, and I shall come with the answer. Let’s dive into the benefits of dry suit diving.

It Provides Warmth

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a wetsuit is staying warm when floating in freezing water. That is, after all, why these were made.

The typical wetsuit is intended to keep you warm when immersed in water between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the style and thickness. However, there are several other advantages of wearing a wetsuit that is frequently ignored.

It Improves Buoyancy

Another advantage of wearing a wetsuit is that it improves buoyancy. These aren’t lifejackets or anything like that, but they do give you more floating capacity.

This can be very useful in a variety of cases. Let’s presume you get swept away by the current and begin to feel panicked. You don’t have to sweat too hard, and you don’t lose as much space, thanks to your wetsuit’s increased buoyancy.

In the sea, a wetsuit effectively lightens your load. As a result, you won’t have to bring in as much effort to keep afloat to get around.

It Protects from the Sun

If you spend a lot of time by the water, you would certainly be drawn to a lot of sunlight. The sun’s rays will have a detrimental seismic impact on your body over time. It can cause sunburn in the short term, and it can cause skin cancer in the long run.

Though sunscreen can minimize UV ray damage, nothing beats a layer of clothing for blocking rays. One of the many reasons you might see someone wearing a wetsuit in warm weather is for this reason. The wetsuit helps a person spend the whole day in the sun while only sustaining minor sun damage.

It Boosts Your Swimming Speed

Do you want to dive as quickly as possible? You will greatly benefit from a wetsuit. Wetsuits make for higher swimming speeds due to their improved buoyancy.

Swimmers will take entire seconds off their times by wearing wetsuits for a 100-meter swim. However, the higher your swimming skills are, the less impact a wetsuit would have on your pace. Bad swimmers, in other words, benefit the most.

It Acts as A Defensive Shield Against Physical Damage

If you’re diving, sailing, wading, or doing something else, you might easily sustain physical harm. A rock or a hard wave may have a major effect on the body, causing pain and injury.

This is why, before going into the water, it’s always a smart thing to wear a wetsuit with a best diving mask. A wetsuit would not fully shield one’s body from injury. It can, however, act as a deterrent, lowering the risk of extreme discomfort and/or injuries.

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