When it’s cold and flu season, this is not easy to keep your own away from diseases, let alone the newborn. As your baby is small in size, its immune system is also tiny proportionally. However, you can do it as this is possible.

In this case, we talked with Alanna Levine, who is MD at pediatrician from New York. We got some simple tips from Levine to keep your baby healthy. That means Levine gave us some useful tips that will be helping the parents of the newborn.

They’ll help your newborn keep well even it’s a time of cold and flu. So, before you look for a baby health monitor, let’s know more about this issue.

Watch the Place You Take Her

It’s normal to show off your newborn. But, don’t try to take him to the place where there may be crowds of people during his first two months. Levine says, when a baby gets 100.4-degree F or more fever, he requires bringing to the hospital. And he needs to perform a complete workup.

That’s why this is not only worth bringing him around all of the germs. Also, please don’t take him to restaurants or shopping centers. Indeed, the outdoor spaces are ideally good for your baby. But, you don’t need to risk somebody coming over plus sticking the face near the stroller.

Be a Nag & Wash Your Hand

This may look nitpicky or paranoid. But, it’s essential to ask someone who goes to grasp the baby to wash her hands first. It’ll help you to stop the spreading of cold and flu along with any other diseases.

If anyone of your family member is sick, request him to wait until he is better. Regardless of how excited they are, they should wait and be better to come near your newborn.

Don’t Discontinue Breastfeeding.

You should not excuse yourself from your baby if you have the issue of cold and flu when you’re nursing it. Indeed, it would help if you continued breastfeeding him.

It’s because breast milk is the best antibiotics for your baby. In this case, Levine says, you will be passing immunity to him through your breastfeeding. So, you should avoid discontinuing breastfeeding your newborn.


Until the age of at least 6 months, babies are not eligible for flu vaccination. And the immunization for whooping coughs? Well, before the infant has completely inoculated, it requires several vaccinations.

You may help protect your kid if you haven’t had one later if you get a flu shot and a booster for your cotton vaccination. Therefore, you need to request the doctor if you don’t know if you want one. “Subsequently, get inoculated,” Levine advises. “I recommend you immunize anybody who cares for your newborn too.” You should also know about the pros and cons of using baby nasal aspirator.

Apart from these things, you should teach your baby what they should do. Also, it would help if you played with him by the rules. You have to understand his feelings.

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