The ColorOS is the customized version of Android OS that’s used by the OPPO smartphones. Things have a difference with this system and the system of Google operating system in some essential ways. When some of them get obviously quicker, some others are a bit of tough to wrap you around. In this case, we’ve tried out some OPPO smartphones and we’ve found that all of them have dealt with all the quicker things. And the better parts of these handsets are that you’ll get all of their hidden features. As a result, no matter you’re coming from an Android or an iPhone, we’re going to present some “hacks” for you. but, don’t forget one thing that the information in this post is based on the newer versions of OPPO devices with ColorOS not iOS or any other OS.

Now, let’s know some more things that you should understand before shop an OPPO smartphone.

Its share option

When you don’t get notifications from your handset’s favorite app, its reason is lack of having the battery management app available in OPPO mobile phone. So, you’ll have to catch the app in the multitasking manager if you want to make sure you get notifications at the way they come in other phones. And if you like to do it, you’ll have to ensure that you have the app on your mobile phone you want notifications from and that’s open. After that, you have to open the menu of multi-tasking that you’ll find the square close to the home button and follow the instructions.

Its Silent option

It’s not like most of the other iOS handsets that it’ll get lowered its volume by doing just reduced the vibrant of your handset. You’ll have to use the control center if you like to vibrate your OPPO smartphone. In this case, you can make this job done by simple swipe up in some older phones’ home screen, but down swipe if you have a new model. This way, when you’re in the control center, simply tap the Silent icon so that you can get vibrations for your notifications in replace of getting sounds. In addition to this, it has app encryptions option for you if you like a bit of further protection of your handset. That means if you use this phone, you can add an additional level of security on your mobile phone with some simple steps.

Cloning Apps on OPPO

As you already know this mobile phone comes with ColorOS, it allows you to copy any of the select apps and this way you can run two same instances on your phone at the same time. You’ll find very few of the handsets that support this option and its OPPO R17 that lets you avail this feature. But, you’ll get is very useful if you like to use and work with two versions of the same app. When it comes to using the app, you just need to go to the setting option and follow the instructions.

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