Do you have a lot of broken chairs, printers, monitors, keyboards and CPUs lying around at one corner in your office? The office equipment may be in usable and non-usable condition. What do you do with it? You have absolutely no idea. Read below to find out.

1. Check and Separate

First you will need to check which of your old equipment is in workable condition and which is completely damaged. Separate the equipment which can be used by someone. The damaged one won’t be of use to anyone so it will be considered as junk to be discarded.

2. Remove and Uninstall Your Data

Before you do anything with your old office equipment, one important step is to erase or transfer all your data. You will have stored many important files and documents over the years, so it is necessary to wipe out and delete all your data or you can transfer to your USB and store it in your current equipment. 

3. Sell Your Old Office Equipment

The wisest thing you could do with your old office equipment is to sell it.  You can sell it at a lower price to many small offices or new business setups which require office equipment in good condition with low prices. Search around if anyone needs the equipment. You can post it on social media platforms or ask your friends and family if anyone needs the equipment. You will be able to earn some cash from the sale.

4. Donate Your Old Equipment

If you do not want to go through the hassle of selling and do not need cash then you can donate all your old office equipment to free schools, orphanages, old homes and to those people who need equipment to start up a business but do not have money. Donating is the best option as your clutter will be cleared and your equipment will come to use for needy people.

5. Contact the Company

You can also call the respective company who have made the equipment and ask them to buy the old and used office equipment from you. This may not always work as some companies will be happy to get their old products back while some may also outright reject to buy the equipment. If they don’t take it, get a junk removal Austin company to remove it for you.

6. Recycle the Equipment

The best decision is to recycle your old office equipment. Open all your equipment and remove all the chips and cards, wires and machineries form the inside. Many recycling companies will be happy to buy the old equipment and recycle it but you can also try DIY recycling from the internet. Once you have separated the components, you will need to separate the harmful parts of the equipment and also the ones which can be used in new equipment.

If you can’t do it yourself, hire a trash removal West Palm Beach FL service. They will remove the stuff from your office and then recycle most of the items.

7. Discard It

If all else fails, then just hit your equipment with a hammer, break it, separate the usable stuff and then discard it property in junkyards.


There are many ways you can dump your old office equipment. If you have spare pieces lying around and consuming space, then use any of the ways listed above.

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