You might excuse me for not knowing about Insteon if you’re new to home automation. In a market dominated by global behemoths such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Samsung, Insteon manages to fly under the radar.

What makes this OG of the smart home scene so good after first appearing on the market in 2005? Therefore, before you look for smart air purifier, let’s know more about the home items of Insteon.

Begin With a Smart Home Hub

If you want to build an Insteon smart home, you should start with the famous Hub Central Controller. This serves as a central gateway, allowing you to operate all of your linked equipment remotely or hands-free. Fortunately, this is both the cheapest and one of the best home hubs on the market.

Even if you’re a complete newbie, you’ll find it astonishingly simple to use, as with all Insteon technology. This improved hub is even easier to set up than before. So you’ll be up and running in minutes straight out of the box.

Wireless range has increased by more than half, and all necessary updates have displayed on-screen. The hub allows you to remotely control other gadgets like the best smart thermostat, smart air purifier or others in your house using your smartphone or tablet.

Basic Smart Lighting

The traditional On/Off Switch allows you to take remote control of your lights using your smartphone. This is if you want to smarten up your lighting the easiest way.

The 1800-watt device lets you control any load. These include fans and motors, allowing you to do more than turn on the lights. If you’re putting a variety of switches around your house, the sleek and streamlined paddle look keeps it easier to tell them apart at a glance.

Using the agile Insteon app, you can automate and schedule your lights. This is removing the workaday monotony from your house. Insteon has you covered there as well.

Dimmable Lighting Takes It to the Next Level

Once you’re comfortable with basic smart lighting, the traditional Smart Dimmer Switch. It is a terrific way to step things up. You’ll have the same remote control in-app on your phone, with the option to adjust brightness settings.

Create mood lighting around the home and make quick adjustments as needed. Do you need to turn on the lights in the middle of a movie to answer a phone call?

In-app, you may do both and much more. You can easily adjust the brightness levels that appear when you turn on your lights. You may also fine-tune how they fade out, giving you complete control.

Prevent Water Damage & Leaks

A water leak sensor may not be the most spectacular investment you’ll ever make. But it may save your entire smart home. The simplicity of the Insteon sensor is its charm. No tools or cables have required. Place it near any probable source of water leaks and receive an alarm if moisture has detected.

That way, even if you’re on the other side of the planet, you’ll be properly poised to respond fast. With a massive 10-year battery life, you’ll even get a battery to get you started. At a glance, you can tell that your sensor is working.

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