Most parents have a closet full of clothes, used toys, and other items of their babies which have been used in the past.

The good news is that you can sell those items online and earn some extra cash. You can make money by selling baby things like Strollers, bags, books, toys, and more.

Today I will tell you about 7 online shops selling baby items that can earn you some cash.


eBay is the perfect website for selling your baby’s old stuff and getting cash in exchange. Here, you can list your kid’s items because it has ample space to put up in one place for sale.

Doing this saves time and effort to create a list of things on different sites for sale. You can list up to 50 things for no cost at all.

When someone purchases your products from the list, you get a good commission from them. 


Kidizen is one of the most underrated place in selling baby items online. It is an online shop created to buy and sell children’s clothes.

You can get paid via Paypal or a bank account whenever someone buys your products, which is quite helpful.


If you want to earn money by using old baby stuff, this company will be good for you. They will personally pick your items and sell them.

Due to this service, the company will take some cut of your profit. Here you can even donate your money for charity. 


If you want to sell or put it up for sale locally, then consider Craigslist. You can write down all of the other selling used baby items there. In addition, this site doesn’t charge for placing an ad, no commission either.

So you can have all the money to yourself. Always ensure to take safety measures when you meet with others from Craigslist company or any website in general.

Since you don’t know the person in real life, make sure to bring someone you know and meet at an open location like public restaurants, outside supermarkets, etc.


Vinted is a website where people can buy and sell used clothes. So it is a perfect place for selling or buying used clothes.

Also, this site is entirely free so that you can list all of your used clothing for sale. On top of that, Vinted does not many fees you make after selling. 


If you have kid’s clothes for sale, you can try Poshmark. Another website to put all of the used clothing on sale. These place even allows to list stuff for free but have to pay a fee when any stuff is sold.

Under $15, they charge $2.95 of flat-rate fee. The rate goes up when you sell over $15. 


There is another good place to buy and sell your kid’s used clothes. Unlike other companies, their procedure of selling the stuff is different.

If you want to sell clothes through thredUP, you have to drop off your things with FedEx or USPS. After that, the company will handle the matter.

They will inspect your outfits, and if they reach the company’s quality criteria, the clothes will be listed, photographed, and delivered to customers.

Last Thought

If you don’t want to sell your baby’s used clothes, you can try to donate. Donating the clothes and the items that your children once used will be the best way to give back something to society for someone who can use it for their children. 

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