Executive coaches are a highly qualified professional who works with high-level employees to help them realize their self-awareness, find motivation, clarify goals and objectives and how to achieve those goals. They usually work with executives, hence the name. Today, we will tell you about the top 3 executive coaches in Santa Barbara, CA for strength based coaching model. All of them are extremely talented and work relentlessly to help their clients to achieve their goals. Have a look.

Patricia Rachel Schwartz

Patricia Rachel Schwartz is an ICF certified executive coach who has more than 35 years of experience in management and leadership. She has worked nationally and internationally and she has also worked in consulting. Her approach is strength-based and has its roots in positive psychology. She thinks coaching has a 100% return on investment and her coaching approach is action and result-driven.

The types of coaching she offers are: Executive, leader onboarding, business development, professional transition, wellness, and major gifts coaching. Major gifts coaching is only for nonprofits.

Dr. Lynn K. Jones

Dr. Lynn is an ACPEC certified executive coach who has more than 25 years of experience. She has worked for nonprofit organizations for years as a senior leader. Now she works with leaders and their teams to achieve positive and measurable goals for themselves. She calls herself her clients’ thinking partner, as in she thinks with them to strategize in order to reach their highest potential. She has post-grad coaching certification and has won multiple awards.

She works with her clients both in person and via phones. Whichever her clients feel comfortable about. She gives valuable feedback to her clients which they use to better maintain their teams, by creating a culture of trust and positivity. She also helps her clients to better maintain their time so that they can have a better work/life balance.

Michael Langer

Mr. Langner is an executive coach with more than 20 years of experience. Throughout his career, he worked with senior leaders from Fortune 500 companies, startup entrepreneurs, and their CEO’s. His Fortune 500 clients come from Apple, Facebook, Google, L’Oreal, JP Morgan and Chase, GE, etc. He has clients from outside of the USA, too. He worked in mainland China for 8 years.

He uses evidence-based neuroscience to work on interpersonal conflicts and communications. He strives to unlock the true needs of his clients and make them openly discussable and achievable. He has a warm and direct approach to his clients which allows them to feel at ease and safe. His clients have a better sense of authority, control, and resilience.


Executive coaches are very important for top-level executives. Because sometimes even the leaders need some guidance. And executive coaches, with their years of experience working with top executives, can give just that to their clients. We hope you will find the ideal match for an executive coach in Santa Barbara from the above-mentioned names.

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