As a parent, you always want to protect your baby from every possible danger. However, you can’t always stay with your baby due to various reasons. You would still need someone to look after your child when you are away. Your spouse also won’t be able to stick around and watch over because of all the duties, and your baby is still small to hand over to the daycare. What to do then? The simple solution will be buying a baby monitor to check what your baby is up to continually.

With that said, while baby monitors are a gift to parents, many parents still find complications that ruin their experiences. For example, privacy interference, low audio quality, batteries die shortly, etc. To pick a perfect baby monitor out of so many ones has to go through any trouble. That’s why we thought of featuring a few baby monitors that ensure excellent quality and provide greater efficiency. We have included a baby monitor with Wi-Fi camera, video recording camera, audio devices, etc.

Wansview Wireless Wi-Fi Home Surveillance Camera

Baby monitors with Wi-Fi cameras are great options for parents who have to go out and do the job. With Wansview, you can quickly check your baby and see how he is doing. The baby monitor connects through mobile devices and PCs. Amazon offers it with Alexa in-built for more functionality. You can buy that if you need for functions like turning the lights on and off, playing soothing music to your movie, etc. It’s a great option, but you don’t need to buy the Amazon version if you don’t need it. The camera features can record high-resolution 1080p videos and allow them to access it with the Wansview app quickly. You can easily connect the app over Wi-Fi and start monitoring your baby even if you are away from home. It also allows you to speak with your child and hear them. Now, your baby won’t be alone anymore.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

The Infant Optics model is one of the first baby monitor with video camera that can change the lens. Although you have to buy the lens separately but buying it can help you customize the camera angle. DXR-8 allows you to listen and watch your baby. And do you know it can sense the temperature in your baby’s room? Yes, it certainly does, and that with accurate results. The sensor records and reports the temperature and allow parents to make adjustments for the baby. To reduce battery consumption, you can turn the screen off and keep it to audio mode, perfect when there isn’t enough charge in the batteries.

Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor

Now, this isn’t a regular surveillance monitor; it’s rather a heart monitor for your precious one! Owlet Smart Sock comes with a wrist and ankle belt and a monitor. The wrist belt tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. If the monitor detects something is wrong, it will notify your phone and sounds connected with it. Now, this isn’t your traditional baby monitor, but you can keep your baby’s heartbeat in check, and this will give you peace of mind, isn’t it? The smart sock is designed to be worn around your baby’s ankle and wrists and uses standard measures and technology to gauge the baby’s heartbeat and oxygen levels.

There you go, top 3 baby monitors that will help you bring your baby close even if you are physically there. You can easily buy these on Amazon and eBay if you intend to buy one.

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