Cloud storage solutions are very easy to use, but there are issues with their security. This is why we’re going to find out the problems in depth along with their solution. We have set the goal that will help you to use your data with strong security with all possible advantages of cloud storage. 

Most of us who are using smart devices like Smartphone, tabs, and others and we’re using the cloud service many ways. Even you might be familiar with some popular cloud storage like DropBox, Google Drive, and One Drive.

These cloud services have some security issues; let’s know some tips to protect your PACS medical imaging while using cloud storage.

Issues with The Cloud Storage

As you know already the common cloud storages have issues to go with. Also, the issues are not out of the other paid storage that you use for your medical images. Such as, you might not be able to encrypt the files when you upload them buy this service.

Moreover, you’ll not get any other protection while transferring data to and from the servers. Another big issue is that the vendor may use your files even though they promise they would do it.

You should be aware of these security issues. But, they’ll not discourage you from using their services. Instead, they’ll encourage saying about its ease, convenience, and efficiency.

Security Level of the Cloud Storage

You’ll find two major options to secure your PACS out there. You can use a paid cloud solution that will provide you with cutting edge protection for your imaging data.

Another one we have talked about previously that the free cloud services that are much unsecured. Well, it needs to know about these two options in detail, let’s get them below:

Safest Could Storage for Your PACS Imaging

Some cloud medical image storage solutions are out there that offer the highest data security along with their selling points. If you choose them, you’ll get that the services use the latest innovative approach in terms of data security. They offer their services mainly for enterprises and businesses.

But, you have to know about their related ability whether they can secure your sensitive imaging data. Also, check out if they allow you to share your images with other people when you need them.

You should ensure that your images will not be at risk while sharing and using them. While using a service from a reputed vendor, you’re all set to view and share your patients’ medical images whenever you need them.

Improve Your Cloud Security from Your End

You’ll get enough security from your vendor, but you have to do something from your end. As a result, it’ll make your images and data more secured. One easy fix is that use two-factor authentication from your end.

However, before you get the cloud solution, ensure that your service provider offers you this option. Among other steps, always use a strong and unique password that you never use for your other purpose.

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