When you’re in a new home, you’ll find it looking clean. But, there are still some hidden areas were staying some dirt, germs, and grime. As you don’t have enough time to work for cleaning your new home, you just need to pay a great inspection to each corner.

Also, look at all gaps while performing the move-in house cleaning. Regardless of how nice your home looks like, you’ll find some dirt that needs some additional cleaning tasks. Just you need to know where you should look for.

Among the cleaning tasks, you can do your own some of them. But, you may need to search “residential cleaning services near me” for some other tasks. Now, let’s know some tips about move-in house cleaning if you do not want to hire “apartment cleaning services near me”.

Ceiling Fans

These two tasks are not in the checklist of doing every day. So, you can consider them as your perfect starting point of your in –house cleaning task. As you clean ceiling fans after a long time, they need a bit more time to work with.

Work carefully with their blades and you can use a vacuum to clean all-around their housing. In summer, counter-clockwise running of your fans will keep your home cooler. But, you should do it clockwise in the winter to keep it warmer.

Light Fixtures

They might have the same build-up and it’s difficult to notice if you don’t go up to look closely. You’ll find various parts of the light fixtures that you can take out for cleaning. As domes, globes, and covers have made of glass, they attract dirty things like cigarette tar and dust.

So, you’ll have to remove them and take them to your kitchen sink to get a good cleanup. Then dry those up reinstall, and you’ll find the light is shining better than earlier.

Light Switches

Not just the light switches, also the fixtures you touch frequently. But, you don’t clean them regularly. As a result, they get dirt that you don’t see and they go to other hands whoever touches them. So, it’s very essential to keep them cleaning a regular basis.

Also, don’t forget to use disinfectant when you clean them. That means cleaning up your light switches is one of the regular tasks and you should keep it in your checklist.

Door Knobs & Others

Door knobs are frequently touched areas like the light switches. If you imagine a single-day performance of doorknobs, you’ll find they do much more than any other things of your home. That’s why they come with touches of a large number of dirt and germs.

Also, they move from one hand to another when someone touches them. So, use a better disinfectant to clean them and take care if there are knobs with issues of loose.


When you have wood, linoleum, and tile floors, you can use a vacuum cleaner. It’ll help you cleaning the corners of your floors as it sweeps up the most types of debris. Also, use the mop to finish up the cleaning tasks of your floors.

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