When it was earlier this summer, we dragged out our bikes. We took the kids on a spur-of-the-moment trip when we threw some camping together. One of our group members snapped a picture while we’re out cycling. If you look at the picture, you’ll find two kids on two different bikes. It made us stuck by how often and how much our touring set up has been changed within the last 5 years. This way, when kids grow, they’re doing constantly readjusting and tweaking with the new setup so that they can suit their needs for each age stage. Also, we know about other family’s evolving collection of bikes as well as trailers who just have started out on bike touring with their kids. So, it might be interesting if we share our setup with the kids.

The Baby Years

For our first child, we were so much concerned about the effect of the vibrations of cycling may affect to develop their spine. That time, we have one question that when we can take him cycling that will not be risky to his health. The answer we got that’s a huge topic to discuss and debate and it was least partly cultural in my experience answer. It’s because when one thing is irresponsible in some countries that are normal in others. As a result, we have widely followed the Dutch model and get rid of worrying about it.

In addition, if we talk about the touring experience we didn’t find it much easier to do. In our experience, babies are much happy in any circumstances, or they are happy at least when they’re at home and usual tantrums aside. You’ll find life’s good enough if they’re dry, fed, and warm. But, the biggest challenges are to find much room in our bags to carry their diapers and managing these things when you’re around camp when you take care of them.

Changed That Compared to Pre-Kids Touring

As far as we would have done before having kids we cycled about half on average. So, we aimed for an early start to manage that we’d pack in so far as we might do the night before of our breakfast. When everybody was feeling refreshed with finishing up any left behind distance as our aim was to perform a good amount of cycling in the early morning. This is how we normally manage our mid-morning play break, a longer lunch break, and end with much time to rest at the campground.


When he is of age two, our oldest son like to nap and like to ride for a shorter distance. Also, he prefers to be when he gets awaked. That’s why we chose Friedel’s bike for him and he spent a lot of happy hours riding behind Mum.

Pre-School Adventures

When our son grew, he got more energy and start feeling boring to seat behind. So, we bought the Circe Cycles Morpheus for him that was a semi-recumbent tandem.


In a nutshell, it is clear that there are different kind of bikes available in the market targeting different age group, even targeting different gender groups too. You’ll find best women’s hybrid bike for women very likely to men’s but with slightly different features and shape. Schwinn discover women’s hybrid bike is a good example of hybrid bike for women.

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