You cannot throw anything in your trash can, right? Similarly, you cannot dump anything or everything in the dumpster you have rented. There are certain rules regarding what you can and what you cannot put in the dumpster that you have rented from junk removal Westchester County NY.

Many dumpsters allow almost all kinds of heavy stuff except hazardous waste, e-waste, medical waste, and toxic chemicals as they require proper disposal. However, it is better to check with the local dumpster rules as to what you can put in.

1. Furniture

You can put almost all kinds of heavy furniture which includes, sofas, chairs, beds, dressing tables, tables, and other things. However, some area dumpsters may restrict putting mattresses and upholstered furniture as they can be easily recycled and it will be a waste of resources if thrown in landfills.

2. Electronics

You can put your house electronics such as TVs, computers, and laptops but if you are going for an office cleanout then you will naturally have a lot of electronics. Multiple electronics should be recycled as e-waste. The Brooklyn large trash removal will take an additional fee for recycling. Still, you will need to check with your state dumpster regulations as all states do not allow electronics.

3. Old and Broken Appliances

You can also put your big appliances which are outdated and broken such as Air conditioners, fridges, deep freezers and dishwashers. But the condition is that they should be free of hazardous fluids. You will need to hire a professional to get rid of the hazardous fluids for the appliances or you can even pay additional charges to the dumpster for the removal.

4. Construction Waste

Construction waste and debris which includes bricks, stones, tiles, concrete and asphalt can all go in the dumpster. But sometimes you will need the services of a specialized dumpster as the construction debris is quite heavy.

5. Household Waste

Household waste that is usually thrown in times of renovation which includes drywall, wood, bathroom fixtures, countertops, bricks, flooring materials, lumber, cabinets and many other things can also be put in the dumpster.

6. Yard Waste

Nature’s own waste which includes fallen trees, twigs, branches and leaves thrown around in your yard. Sometimes environmental accidents also cause yard waste. These can be put in the dumpster but you need to check with the local are dumpster regulation as there is a limit to how much of yard waste is allowed in the dumpster.

7. Junk or Clutter

Household junk or clutter such as toys, utensils, old clothes and anything that is nontoxic and non-hazardous can be put in the dumpster.

8. Garbage

Your day to day garbage and things which you do not need and have thrown away van all be put in the dumpster.

For smooth cleanup by professionals, you can use a junk removal Westchester County NY service for the removal for these items.


You should be careful that adhesives, batteries, household cleaners, medical waste, inks, glue, paints, tires, fuels, contaminated soils and anything that can easily catch fire should never be put in the dumpster. Other than these things you can put every other thing.

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