Do you know about the Amazon 3rd generation echo dot? Or are you thinking of purchasing Amazon echo dot? Well, you will get all of your queries about this fantastic product through this discussion. Firstly, it makes a great sound and looks good.

It comes with improved quality audio that is far better than the regular speaker. Even, it is better than the Mini Google Home speaker. So, if you never try the Amazon 3rd generation echo dot, then buy it for yourself.

However, if one already has this speaker, read the below content to get some tips and tricks. So, before you look for the best LED strip lights Wi-Fi, let’s begin!

The Cuddlier Dot

If you are a user of the Amazon 3rd generation echo dot, then you may know about the cuddlier dot. But, there is no problem if you do not know all about the cuddlier dot. We will tell you the details first to last.

Well, the Amazon echo dot smart speaker with Alexa comes with the cuddlier dot. Even the last Amazon echo dot provided cuddlier, but the present one is better and strong than the old model.

There different types and colors are available in the echo speaker. So, it is vital to select your favorite one first because you will not be able to change the product’s wrapping after buying it.

Better Sound

When you buy one speaker, then you must search for a better sound. You want to buy a speaker to listen to a song or anything in a good sound. Here, the Amazon 3rd generation echo dot speaker can be your best choice.

First of all, it presents a fantastic sound quality that is far better than any other speaker. We have talked with the many users of these products. Even some of them have used the Google Mini speaker before as well.

They said that they get better performance from the Amazon speaker. If you enjoy your favorite singer songs, then the Amazon 3rd generation echo dot speaker is a better option for you.

Comparison between Alexa and Google Assistant

You may hear about Alexa and Google assistant many times. But do you know about them? Well, there are many differences between Alexa and Google Assistant. And now we will present a comparison of them. It is very vital to know about both of them to identify the best one for you.

We will suggest you go for Alexa because it comes with the updated features than Google assistance. You will able to use Alexa as a timer, weather, news, and music. However, Google assistant provide many services but like house item. But Alexa will help you to control your TV too.

In a word, there are many services that you will get from Alexa to make your life. But it will also be perfect if you like Google assistance. It is totally up to you what types of service you will prefer.


At the end of this discussion, you have a clear idea about Alexa, Google assistance, and Amazon 3rd generation speakers. Hopefully, you will able to select your item easily according to your need.

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