1. Using Technological Gadgets

It has become a very common practice these days to use mobile phones and tablets when we finally lie on our beds after a hectic and tiring day. But we do not realize the level of damage it does to our health and sleep with extremely harmful results. The blue light produced by these gadgets suppress the production of melatonin hormone which controls our body clock of sleeping. It prevents human body to sleep when your body is in dire need of rest and sleeping.

2. Working Out Before Sleep

Many people who stay busy with their jobs during day time prefer to work out before sleeping assuming to stay fitter which is totally a wrong practice. Though it helps in reducing stress levels by producing good endorphins which technically helps in healthier sleep patterns but the timing of exercise matters. Working out does not help you nod off easily if you immediately hit your bed to relax and sleep as you get physically fatigued due to production of adrenaline hormone.

3. Eating Food Close to Bed Time

If you are eating food within two or three hours before sleeping, then it is a completely wrong act. It keeps your GI tract active preventing you to nod off while your blood pressure levels also get increased. This way you are increasing risk of stroke and heart attack during sleep which is very dangerous to be cured later.

4. Not Drinking Enough Water

Well, it is very common that many people avoid to drink water before bed time so as to not to get up to pee during night. It is totally fine if you have consumed enough water during day time but it can be harmful if you are not doing that during day. As a result, you get dehydrated and so is your brain which directly affects the production of melatonin hormone. Dehydration make you feel more fatigued and stressed to prevent from buzzing off easily.

5. Excessive Caffeine Intake

You should not be surprised to know that one cup of coffee intake affects your body for more than 10 hours or even more if you are very sensitive to it. While many people tend to take caffeine twice or thrice or even more in a whole day without realizing the consequent effects it may create in your body. So, there should not be any option except taking just one cup of coffee in the morning which is enough to keep you up for the following day.

6. Medicinal Intake and Rotational Job

You do not have any option obviously when it comes to medicinal intake or doing a job with rotational shifts but you need to take few precautions for the sake of your own health. You should consume your medicines at least three hours before your bed time to have minimal sleep disrupt caused by those medicines. For rotational job, maximum you can do is to assure having proper eight hours sleep without any disturbance. Or try your luck with another job if you can, chuckles! (just kidding, no offense).

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