Nowadays, girls love to maintain their hairstyle all over the day. And that is why they spend lots of money with great effort. But still, sometimes they do not get the best result.

We understand their feelings and researched on the Long Island City barber. We found several tips and tricks about it, but we select six secrets of a hairdresser. Hopefully, these secrets will help you to get a durable blowout.

Before you look for any barber shop Long Island City, continue reading the below tips.

Prep Properly

Whatever you want to do with your hair, you must prep the hair first. Also, it is the secrets of the long-lasting hairstyle as well. You must apply the hair products before you use the blow dryer.

First, clean your hair and apply the hair products that your hair prefers. You can use hair serum, mousse, and cream. Most importantly, you have to apply all the products before drying the hair.

Once you prep the hair properly, then use a blow dryer. By following this trick, you will get a lasting blowout to look all over the day.

Conquer and Divide

Michael Albor is the Director of the Matrix Artistic, and he says that most people make the same mistake while blow-drying. He says people do not give time to dry the hair.

That is a great mistake of blow-drying. Therefore, do not rush while using the blow dryer. Firstly, divide all the hair into fine and small sections.

Then move the brush with a blow dryer from your scalp towards the ends. You have to do it repeatedly until each area completely dry.

Use Round Brush

Another important tip is using the round brush while blow-drying. One boar or ceramic bristle of the round brush can present the most significant boost for the buck.

First, the size of the brush depends on the length of your hair. However, the broad brush presents a straighter result. Besides, the small brush helps to tighter the curl when one dries each part of the hair into the reverse direction to lift the roots.

After that, release the dryer until your hair completely cool. Moreover, one can make a curl of barrel-shaped while the coat is warm. Then it would help if you clipped the curl until it sets and cools.

Know about the Spray

People should know about the appropriate hairspray for them. Hairspray could be the best friend of your blowout. Generally, the spray helps to set your hair and maintain the shape as well. Most importantly, one should know the perfect time of using the spray.

Therefore, you have to spray on every section of the hair while blow-drying. Moreover, one should keep the spray 12 t0 15 inches away while using it.

Make a Bun Before Sleeping

One thing that everyone should follow before sleeping and that is tie the hair gently. If you want to keep your blowout for overnight, then this is the best idea for you. Do you have long hair? Then make a messy and loose bun at the top of the head.

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