best north face ski gloves
north face ski gloves

Ski gloves are an essential piece of gear for any winter sports enthusiast. While most features like insulation and waterproofing get all the attention, there’s one small detail that often goes unnoticed – the loop on the ring finger.

As it turns out, this innocuous loop serves an important purpose.

In this article, we’ll uncover the secret behind the ring finger loop on ski gloves and why it’s so useful also you can get north face ski gloves.

We’ll explore the history of its invention, its clever design, and tips for making the most of this handy feature.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting into snow sports, you’ll learn something new about your gloves!

A Clever Innovation with Skier’s Needs in Mind

The ring finger loop first appeared on ski gloves in the 1960s when brands like The North Face ski gloves began adding it to their designs.

While it may seem simple, this was an innovation born out of understanding skiers’ needs.

The inventor realized skiers needed an easy way to take their gloves on and off. With bulky ski jackets and cold fingers, removing gloves can be frustrating.

The ring finger loop gave users a handy grip point to pull their gloves off swiftly.

Equally importantly, the loop provided a way to hang gloves securely when not in use.

Skiers can thread their poles through the loops to keep gloves attached but accessible. This keeps them from getting buried in pockets or dropped in the snow.

Why the Ring Finger?

You may be wondering – why is it always the ring finger that gets the loop instead of another finger.

The ring finger loop is strategically placed based on how our fingers function. The ring finger and middle finger are the strongest fingers.

Having the loop on one of these fingers allows you to exert maximum force when pulling the gloves off.

Our ring and middle fingers also have better dexterity and range of motion compared to the pinky or index fingers.

The ring finger can move more independently to thread through the pole strap.

Finally, the ring finger separates the glove into two halves. A loop over the index or pinky would make the glove lopsided and prone to slipping off accidentally.

best north face ski gloves
best north face ski gloves

Putting the Loop to Use

Now that you know the rationale behind this special glove feature, here are some tips to take advantage of it:

  • Use it to air out your gloves– Thread the loop over your poles or jacket loop and let your gloves breathe when you take a break. This prevents sweaty buildup inside.
  • Secure your gloves for activities– Going for lunch at the lodge? Loop your gloves through your jacket so you don’t lose them on the way.
  • Help take gloves off– For a better grip, hook a finger from your bare hand through the loop and pull.
  • Clip them to your pack– End of the ski day? Clip your gloves to the outside of your backpack for easy access.
  • Keep track of gloves– Add a bright-colored thread or ribbon to the loop – it will help you spot your gloves easily.

The North Face Denali 2 Gloves – Optimal Looped Design

A great example of ski gloves with a well-designed ring finger loop is The North Face’s Denali 2 gloves.

Made with warm recycled insulation, these gloves use a wide loop made of webbing and reinforced leather.

This creates a sturdy hold point that allows you to really pull the gloves off. The bold loop is easy to grab even with thick jacket cuffs or cold fingers.

It’s also easy to thread poles or clips through thanks to the wide opening.

An Indispensable Innovation

The ring finger loop on ski gloves may seem insignificant, but as we’ve discovered, it represents a clever design.

This purposeful little add-on makes gloves vastly easier to use. It fulfills the unique needs of skiers in simple yet effective ways.

So next time you suit up for a day on the slopes, take a second to appreciate this handy detail! With the right technique, the loop offers convenience you didn’t know you were missing.

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