Indeed, PDF is widely used and common format in most aspects of online habits like sharing. Also, it’s a great thing to email and download files when they come in PDF format. But, there are many things about this format that we like to generalize and gloss over.

No matter you know it or not, many common facts about this format have misunderstood or taken out of the background. The format of PDF is getting changed and improved constantly. Thus, if you’re going to use the format successfully then we should know about it that needs to change too.

Regardless of using JPG to PDF converter online free, some common facts of the PDF format go unspoken like PDF to Excel free. But, no worries, we’re here to reveal the truth that you don’t know or may know the wrong way.

Everybody Can View, Use & Access PDF Files

You may have heard someone is saying that anybody can view PDF files on all platforms. But, they forget to mention that everything has its exceptions. If we say more specifically, when you send a PDF file and they have visual impairments then they can’t read that file.

But, anyone truly can view a PDF file even the user has physical disabilities. When you get a PDF file, you can work with it using the tool like screen readers that allow you to hear the loudly read PDF files. Also, you can consult the standard PDF/UA to make sure your PDF is upgraded.

Can’t Edit And/Or Modified PDF Files

It’s a fact, but you’ll find two sides to this issue. The first one is that PDF files mean that they remain intact because they come with a locked downstate. Thus they’re able to protect themselves from any kind of unexpected modification.

However, you know one thing that you can do some edits to any type of PDF files to a definite extent if you try it. In this case, you just need a good PDF editor. It just needs to submit the file or link of the file that you like to edit or modify.

PDF Files Just Come with Some Contain Text & Images

It’s a common assumption because the file indicates just word documents for professional use. As a result, many people guess that these types of files are extremely boring as they’re just able to use text and images. But, the fact is that they’re essentially great containers for making content.

PDF files with multimedia are ideal for sponsorship material and e-brochures as well. And it has typically advised next to the file sizes. These include video, animations, and audio along with some interactive elements in the files.

PDF Files Are Secured in Nature

This thought comes on the mind as it has said that PDF files come with an extra security layer. So, some people think that it’s automatically impossible to break its protection. But, PDF files are not as protected as the hackers can’t breach it.

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