Suppose any car dents are sitting on the car body that can cause some unwanted problems. But you have no idea about it. The great thing will be when you can avoid car dent. But, if you are not concern about all these while parking or driving, accidents occur.

Also, the best news is all kind of dents is not harmful to the car. Even you can repair the damaged part of the car. For all this, you will need to take help from a professional.

Contact them to get the dent, ding’s effect, or crease on the metalwork fix and car point. So, before you look for “genuine Acura parts,” let’s know about these dents.

Common Types of Car Dent

Moreover, you may need panel replacement for fixing the huge extensive dents and more profound or repaint on the car. The most vital thing is for you to know the reason for dent.

You can find it out quickly and apply the correct remedy to it; plus, some car dents type may cause a scar on an exterior, and another one may imprint the wrong mark.

Even you can see it. Some tricky dents may damage the car’s original finish. Here you will know about some common dents. For more information, you can visit car info app.


However, it calls a minor dent. It is the rock, some other exterior forces, or some objects hitting the car’s surface. But it has an indentation.

Sharp Dents

The sharp dent is the trickiest one. Usually, it happens when some tiny metal objects slamming quickly across the car’s exterior surface. Moreover, the small item may make sharp marks on the surface of the car. But it can damage the panels more.

Besides, the large panel may have sharp dents between the directions of the original metal corrupted. As you know, such kind of dents will be tough to repair. Plus, it depends on the damage that occurs on your car’s body’s metalwork as well.

Round Dents

Additionally, the round dent is also a common category for the car. The dent’s shape is round and leaves shallow and sunken marks on the car’s surface. Sometimes, the shape of the dent can be like a funnel.

If you park the car and kids are playing near the car, accidents may happen. Like, kids are playing with the ball, hailstones, or some other round object. Suddenly, it may hit the car, accidentally and it will leave a mark on the car.

So, if you want to repair the dents, then you can apply for dents removal forms. Though, it will depend on the damage to the car. If you follow the expert’s technique, then you can do it successfully.  

Creased Dents

Always try to remember that irritating screeching sound when any object drags on some other sharp surface. It can happen when the object like door handles, tree branches, trailers, bicycle handle hits the car’s surface.

Usually, you will find this kind of dents on side panels. An expert can find the scratch around the dents. So take advice from the expert.

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