Would this be the year you get a haircut? When you have to make a statement with your hair, a short adorable haircut can be the way to go. Short hairstyles are simple, airy, and unique!

And there are so many possibilities! Short hairstyles provide you with endless styling freedom and adaptability. This is from a pixie cut to a bob or lob to a cropped, layered appearance. Therefore, before you look for full service salon, here are seven popular short haircuts to try.

Rounded Edges Bob Hairstyle

If you have tired of your bob haircut’s lived-in beach waves or flat, glassy texture, it’s time to try a new shape that’s bouncy and full.

Create a 90s-inspired blowout with a round brush and volumizing mousse, and enjoy the beautiful, fluffy form. So, the style is kept edgy and lively with a center part and crimson hair color.

Headband Pixie Cut

Believe again if you think you can’t wear one of the season’s fashionable headbands with your short pixie hair cuts. Headbands add a playful, carefree look to short hair.

If you’re a bridesmaid, go for stylish accessories, a scarf knotted ’40s style, or a skinny metal band sprinkled with rhinestones. So, they are like a velvet headband studded with pearls.

Bangs Short Shag Haircut

There’s a cause the shag hairstyle reappears every few years. It’s adaptable, simple, and stylish! This season’s shag has a hint of mullet, inspired by a revival of ’80s fashion, music, and memorabilia.

To get the style, your stylist will build many blended layers and shatter the ends to give you a lot of body and movement.

Sleek Pixie Barrettes Hairstyle

Another misconception debunked: you may wear lovely hair accessories like colored barrettes with short hair! Apply style gel to damp hair, and then use a comb to create a few deep waves on the side, which you can then attach with barrettes. Besides, you can look for “tone hair salon” in order to get your expected hairstyle.

They will not only look adorable in your hair. But you can slip them out when your hair is dry, fluff with your fingers, and you’re done! Your short pixie hairstyle will be voluminous, fluffy, and wavy.

Short Hairstyle with Bantu Knots

It’s time to have fun with your short curly hair now that you’ve accepted it! Coat each piece of hair with curl-defining styling cream.

Pull the sides back and embellish them with a few ornate Bantu knots, for example. After that, twist hard until the knot forms, then secure with a bobby pin at the base of the knot.

Wavy, Angled Bob

There’s a fresh aspect to consider when this comes to the bob. This year’s most prominent style is a bit slanted bob from back to front, then softly waved for a casual look. When making waves, alternate the direction of each segment, backward and forward, but keep the front sections away from the face.

Platinum Tapered Bob

Fashion and style inspired by the Roaring ’20s are making a comeback in 2020, and nothing says Gatsby-era like a tapered haircut with a tapered back for a head-hugging fit.

Dry hair uses a vented style brush to avoid too much lift at the roots, smooth surface strands with a tiny flat iron to keep the form sleek—mist with a humidity-repelling hairspray for a frizz-free finish.

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