One of the last things that I found in my beauty routine was to switch to a non-toxic, natural nail polish. I grew up using Wet and Wild to paint my nails black, and I don’t recall checking to see what was in the bottle. I discovered some new jargon about non-toxic nail polish while writing this article that I felt that you should also know!

What makes a non-toxic nail polish?

Products rapidly remove ‘toxic’ chemicals from formulations, and some brands even offer vegan and gluten-free alternatives now. Most non-toxic nail polishes are 3-free, which means they are devoid of formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. Beyond that, polishes maybe 9-, 10-, or even 14-free. Here’s a summary of what’s lacking from those formulae (thank goodness!):

Still on the fence? Whatever formula you pick, be sure to follow the directions and avoid using it in places that aren’t well-ventilated. Water-based formulations include non-synthetic colours and aqueous acrylic polymers, as well as being odourless. They are frequently not as long-lasting as they are simple to apply.  I hadn’t considered all the chemicals that go into ordinary nail polish from your local pharmacy.

What to look for when shopping for non-toxic, sustainable nail polish?

#1. More Than 3-Free, at least! 

It’s now standard for most nail polish brands to be 3-free, so look for 5- or 7-free alternatives (or more). Brands that make these claims must be evaluated to ensure that they don’t contain those substances.

#2. Purchase From a Reputable Source.

Cosmetics are counterfeited. Even if a product claims to be non-toxic, the best way to be sure you’re receiving what you believe you’re getting is to purchase from recognized beauty shops like drugstores or large box stores or the best nail polish brands online like Alpha Belle Health.


1. Is it toxic to use dry nail polish?

Unfortunately, it seems that nail polish toxins remain in your body long after the lacquer has dried. The chemical TPHP has been discovered to stay in the body for many hours after being exposed to polish. However, we’re not sure whether this chemical has any long-term adverse effects on humans. But it’s best to avoid it. 

Yes, all nail paints expire. Although there’s no risk of bacterial contamination with outdated mascara, as a general guideline, you should discard any nail polish set, hazardous or not, if the colour starts to fade.

They can last as long as any other polish if you use a decent base and topcoat. Many of these non-toxic alternatives are now as long-lasting as their toxic counterparts; if you really want serious staying power, you can even get non-toxic at-home, light-free gel finishes.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Alpha Belle Health has over a decade of expertise in the beauty business, having written for some of the most well-known publications and websites. We’re all about the non-toxic best nail polish these days as a frequent manicure lover and someone who is always striving to “clean up” her beauty regimen.

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