When the price of iPhone XS makes you irritated and you find it larger than its previous one then you may go with smartly with iPhone XR. If you choose this one, you’ll be able to reduce your pain in the wallet. Also, it claimed as one of the brilliant phones in every way for its ease of use and various useful features. When you stand against the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS, you’ll find it making some requirement concession.

While you’re keeping some of the key traits of its siblings, it helps you cut down excessive cost. Also, you’ll find the XR powered by A 12 Bionic chip and you’ll find a gorgeous 6.1 inches display under the cover. Along with new phone plans, you’ll get IP67 water resistance as well as true-depth Face ID.

Plans of iPhone XR

\When you don’t like to end up your all cash on shopping an outright mobile phone, you should consider choosing from plans of iPhone XR. Also, you’ll get something extra as bonuses with these plans because we have selected from a wide range of deals. Well, let’s know some phone plans and deals for iPhone XR with their prices and other related information.

iPhone XR 256GB for Big Data

You’ll find this plan as the best overall value as a massive data of 200GB with iPhone XR. Apart from a huge data, you’ll get the handset with 256GB storage that’s really cheaper than the model of 128GB. Along with this, you’ll get a pair of Wireless headphones of Beats Solo 3 as a bonus and a 2GB roaming data.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that their unlimited overseas calls, texts with other Optus benefits. These include Mobile TV as well as music streaming and these all come with the total cost of $2,640 with a 24-month plan and a $110 for every month.

iPhone XR 64GB for Best Budget

With just an $82 for every month plan on the Optus network, you’ll get the lowest priced Apple iPhone XR. Moreover, you’ll get 4GB free mobile data with music streaming via Google Play Music, Spotify, or iHeartRadio that will not cost your money or data charge. But, you’ll get these all come with the total cost of $1,968 with a 24-months plan.

Why You Should Choose Optus

If you choose a “Yes Optus” store to work in good order and like to get a new one, then you have to pay $149 after 12 months to return your existing deal. But, if you keep your present phone, you should simply pay it out with your desired amount that you like to continue. Now, this is the big question that why you should choose Optus, well let’s know about it.

As a sports fanatic, you’ll get all the action of sports with 27/7 football and other sports coverage. For example, on the Optus Sport App, you’ll find UEFA Champions League and all other Premier Leagues as a well.

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