Painting is an art and as with any other artistry, it requires skills and precision. Residential painting is a bit different though. There are lots of residential painting companies that offer you the painters/artists to make your house look like the way it should. However, there are some secrets the pros at this work won’t tell you but don’t worry we are here to help. Here are some tips and secrets you need to know about residential painting.

1. Using the Right Painting Brush

As useless as this may sound, using a good paintbrush is heavily associated with having a good painting experience. This area of the painting shouldn’t be bargained for but have yourself buy a good $20 paintbrush. The synthetic brushes or poly brushes are one of the best paintbrushes available today and are very useful in residential painting.

2. Avoiding the Doubling Overlap Marks

Having an uneven wall surface doesn’t look very nice in the final outcome. It happens because of the overlapping of the paint layers that build upon a single area. This mostly occurs when you paint over the partly dried paint. To avoid it, you should paint the wall all at once. Roll your roller up and down the scale of the wall and move sideways till you cover the whole wall. This process is also called the “W method.” Remember to have a small area of the roller dry and keep the dried part facing the area that has already been painted. This creates a beautiful professional like the texture on the final results.

3. Cover Door Knobs and Woodwork from Dripping Paint

Painting can cause a bit of a mess (obviously). You don’t want your household to be covered in drips of paint. Having them covered up like masking tape or plastic and cover your floor with old newspapers or plastic material. Cover the doorknob with plastic and use masking tape over the woodwork or other places. Almost every good residential painting company use this approach.

4. Not Painting in the Humid Weather

Weather can affect the paint a lot. The humidity can affect the paint’s drying process and it may take a little longer than usual for it to dry and sometimes cause bubbles in paints. Make sure to hire a residential painting company in a time where there is no forecast of rain or humid weather.

5. Using Quality Materials

If you choose the right residential painting company, it will use quality products and equipment and if you are looking for a DIY process then you should do the same too. Saving money for poor quality materials isn’t worth it. You wouldn’t want streaky, overlapped coats on your wall. From paint brushes to the paints used to even the ladders and rollers, all should be in proper quality.

Residential painting companies have their employees trained for the work that’s why a good group of workers can produce a good paint job for your house. if you want to do it yourself, keep these tips in mind before investing in the task.

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