What is the one thing that, after gazing in the mirror, may wreck your mood in seconds? Yes, pimples maybe both annoying and painful. We realize that you’d prefer to get rid of them or hide them.

While it is commonly known that cosmetics may readily conceal pimples, what can you do to hide a pimple without using makeup? Therefore, before you look for a heart savior supplement, continue reading to find out!

With Makeup Methods


This is a popular makeup tool that helps conceal any abnormalities, spots, blemishes, or scars on your skin. It can also hide dark bags around the eyes, uneven skin tone, and scratches. You can also use the lavender massage oils.

If you acquire a roll-on or stick concealer, use it according to the directions on the packaging. Roll-ons should be put immediately on the pimple. So, stick concealers may apply to pimples by dabbing the tip of your finger on them.

Color Corrector

Pimples create skin redness, which is particularly noticeable on the face. This is when a color corrector might come in handy. Even while concealers can disguise uneven skin, color correctors perform better. To remove the redness, use a green color corrector pen.

These pens are frequently equipped with a pin, making the work easier. So, after you’ve used the color corrector, apply foundation to the affected region to conceal the pimple.

Without Makeup Methods

Ice Cubes

Ice is one of the most basic yet effective methods for fading pimples. Also, ice cubes raise the pressure in your blood vessels, which temporarily reduces the appearance of the pimple. Take a soft cloth and fill it with ice cubes.

Assemble the ice cubes by wrapping them fully in the fabric. For a few minutes, apply it to the pimple. So, it will enhance the texture of the pimple for a few hours.

Spot Treatment

Spot treatments have used to conceal imperfections on your face. It contains acne-fighting chemicals, including salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, topical retinoids, and so on. The redness generated by the pimple has reduced with spot therapy. It also alleviates discomfort.

Spot therapy can also open up tight skin pores and eliminate blockages. However, this is only appropriate for minor papules and pustules. So, it may not be effective for nodules and cystic pimples.

Creams or Moisturizers

There are moisturizers and creams on the market with tinted textures and flesh-toned colors. You may use this to conceal your acne. So, this will not only hydrate your skin but will also hide pimples behind the tinted moisturizer.

Patches for Acne

Acne patches are a quick and easy technique to conceal acne. Hydrocolloid has used to make these patches. It can also treat minor wounds. Hydrocolloid will act as a wound dressing. So, it would suck out the pus inside your pimple and enhance the state of your skin.

Hairstyles & accessories

You can use your accessories to conceal your pimples. Pimples behind your brow or around your eyes might disguise under sunglasses if you’re going out during the day. If you have pimples on your brow, bangs on your brow will rescue the day.

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