What distinguishes Italian shoes from those made in the United Kingdom or the United States? When learning about shoes, you’ll come across Italian, English, American, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese shoes, but no one really knows what they’re!

If you want to buy Italian shoes online, keep reading this blog post.

Italian Shoe Characteristics

Italy has a rich history of craftsmanship, particularly in the field of leather products. As a result, numerous shoemakers and shoe manufacturers may still be found throughout Italy.

Even within Europe, Italy has the greatest custom shoemakers. It’s the same with tailors, shirt manufacturers, and other menswear-related trades. In Italy, however, the manufacturing of custom shoes is typically a hand-sewn Goodyear welt.

Factory-made Italian shoes have become very popular in the United States. But they’re expensive. We’ve seen many smaller businesses produce products that they sell directly to customers in recent years, cutting out the middleman and saving you money on your purchase.

It’s All About the Leather

Because Italians are excellent tanners, most Italian shoes are made of Italian leather. Unlike other nations, Italy has whole villages devoted to leather tanning, and it’s a pleasure to see that this ancient art is still alive and well today.

When looking at excellent Italian brown shoes for men, you’ll notice that they usually have a hand-burnished patina with darker and brighter parts, making the shoe more dynamic and just looks nicer than a plain colored leather shoe.

Construction of the Shoe

The majority of high-end Italian shoes are Blake-stitched, or Blake sewed. Overall, Blake fast is better than simply Blake and reasonably comparable to Goodyear.

Quality of the Shoes

They’re all pretty comparable in terms of price, including the machine-made Goodyear welt. Many people consider Goodyear welt to be the best of the group in terms of quality.

Personally, I have hand welt Goodyear shoes, machine-made Goodyear shoes, and Blake & Blake tight shoes, and the difference isn’t that significant.

Overall, I would say that Italian shoes are always a bit more fashion-forward, with longer lasts, maybe a little more rounded, a little more extreme. They’re typically highly fashionable, and they always emphasize elegance.

What about Factory-Made Shoes in England?

I’ve discovered that all of my English ready-to-wear shoes are much heavier than my Italian shoes. Interestingly, custom English shoes are usually lighter than factory-made English shoes.

The English also make various shoes, such as triple or double-soled boots with a rougher broguing, which are excellent for rural use.

What Is The Best Type Of Shoe?

To be honest, there is no such thing as right or wrong. Personally, I have Italian, German, Austrian, Romanian, and other types of shoes. All of them have taken up residence in my closet, and I prefer Italian for specific ensembles, American for others, and English for yet others.

For example, I like the Italian silhouette for a fashionable double monk because it’s different. However, when it comes to thick leather boots, I prefer English shoes without a doubt. Now, when it comes to loafers, I’m a massive supporter of Italian footwear.

At the end of the day, you must choose what works best for you.

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