Whenever you find the medical images are taken of the patient, you always need to provide them the duplicate pieces. If you can’t give those copies of their reports and images then they don’t feel easy to share their personal information. Also, you should take the full responsibility to send them where they should if you’re not able to provide the copies. Once upon a time, CD burning was the only way to make the copies of patient’s images. But, the days are gone to medical images needed to make your CPU hot. Yes, we’re talking about the DICOM viewer online free version that’s the latest and greatest way to store your patient’s medical images and reports as well.

Why You Should Not Need to Burn CDs?

As we already said that the days are gone when you’re making CD copies of your patients’ data and images. It’s time to get the benefits of digital trends, but why should you use the latest technology and avoid the older process? Well, it’s a good question and you must ask because you should know why you’ll not use the CD or DVD burning methods. In this case, you should consider some things regarding the costs of CD or DVD burning.

Costs of CD/DVD Burning

These include CD/DVD burning is a money pit for its shopping of blank media and publishing cost. You’ll find some other costs after making them like your office suppliers and production costs. Even sometimes you have to bear the postage cost as it’s costlier to send urgently to your patients. Also, you need to employ employees for this purpose and you have to pay them salaries. It means that you have to invest a good amount of money for a lot of things that all are needed for CD/DVD brining purposes.

Why Should You Use Online Storage?

Yes, we know that you’ll ask this question and the best answer is it’s a great way to save you a lot of money and time. It’s also called patient portal that’s also known as cloud-based medical imaging storage solutions of your and your patients’ data and images. When you’re using a cloud or online storage you’ll get very much advantages like your patients can make their appointments, they can send you messages, and they can request to refill their prescriptions as well.

These are not all about the online storage benefits as there are much more, for example, it’s a great way to save your time and a lot of money. Because you can share your advice and your patients can share their complications instantly, but you need not to meet each other physically. The sharing option of online storage is a great way that you can use it from anywhere and anytime as well.


Bottom Line

The blessing of the digital era is the cloud-based storage of your patients’ data and images that you can use as the best alternative of burning CD/DVDs. The method is not only money saving, but it also saves you a lot of time accordingly. 

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