Chris Christie Drops Out of Consideration for White House Chief of Staff

Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, took himself out of the running for the job of White House chief of staff on Friday, the latest person to decline a chance to replace John F. Kelly as President Trump’s highest-ranking aide.

Mr. Christie said in a statement that he had asked to be taken out of consideration a day after he met with Mr. Trump at the White House about the job. Mr. Trump did not offer it to him, but they had what was described as a good discussion.

“It’s an honor to have the president consider me as he looks to choose a new White House chief of staff,” Mr. Christie said. “However, I’ve told the president that now is not the right time for me or my family to undertake this serious assignment. As a result I have asked him to no longer keep me in any of his considerations for this post.”

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