Here is the list of the most underrated smartphones of 2017-2018 which you can buy in mobile phone plans sim only.

1. Nokia 6

Nokia 6

HMD Global acquired Nokia and produced a number of amazing flagship phones including Nokia 8. But the Nokia 6 could not impress the people and failed to capture the market. It was a decent smartphone for budget users but was unlucky that it could not impress users. Overall, it is a nice phone with amazing features and good design.

2. BlackBerry KeyOne


BlackBerry is the only brand that makes smartphones with a touchscreen as well as a full keyboard. KeyOne was such a product that was predicted to be an amazing phone. But it also failed to make an impact. It has good features and was not too expensive. This was maybe the phone had a keyboard and not as outstanding specs and features as other flagship Android phones.

3. Moto Z2 Play


Moto Z2 Play was introduced with a 5.5-inch display, 4GB of RAM 64GB storage, a 3000mAh battery and a number of other great features. It truly makes a budget smartphone. Most of the users can afford this device but it was unfortunate that it failed. It has been underrated but it still performs better than many phones of this range.

4. Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro

The sleek design, stunning features, great camera, display with a small notch, thin bezels, affordable price, amazing display size- this is what this phone came with. Yet it was unsuccessful to impress the users anywhere in the world. It was one of the most awaited devices of 2018 but it didn’t turn out to be great popularity-wise.

5. Essential Phone


Most of the people were disappointed to see this phone as an underrated device. This was because it was introduced by a new company. The phone didn’t get much media coverage, no tech media houses talked about it and there was no ads or campaigns for the device. It fixed most of the issues in modern-day devices and deserved to be a good rated phone.

6. LG V35 ThinQ


This smartphone comes without any notch, features a great OLED display and performs way better than most devices of this range. However, according to the customers, it was a bit overpriced. This could have been the reason why this phone failed badly and could not make much in the market.

7. Google Pixel 3


Google has been making impressive phones in all categories. This year it released the Pixel 3 models in different variants. But they failed and no one is talking about them. Some people say they sport a poor screen and has a number of screen related issues. This seems to be a sad story.

8. Xiaomi Mi 8


One user on Reddit wrote that “Mi 8 has amazing performance, a great camera, fast face unlocks feature and even better Face ID, Samsung made OLED display, good battery life, affordable price and this seems to be the deal of the century and I am disappointed to see how this phone has been underrated”. We believe with these features, Mi 8 makes a decent and amazing budget device.

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