Victoria Beckham recommends them as a must-have travel item, Kim Kardashian used them to inspire her new fragrance line, Kate Hudson uses them to give vitality to her cosmetic products, and Adele credits hers with helping her overcome stage anxiety.

Before you buy crystal products, everything you need to know about the old art is right here…

1. Each gemstone has a uniquely therapeutic quality.

More and more women are turning to crystals to assist their wellness routines at a time when self-care is critical to our mental and physical health. Every crystal is believed to produce its unique vibrations and energy field, channeling therapeutic qualities.

When you buy crystals online or offline, consider which one appeals to you the most. Amethyst is good for inner strength, citrine is good for optimism, quartz is good for stress relief, and agate is good for anxiety.

2. They may be kept in your bra.

Many experts recommend wearing a crystal in your bra to keep it with you all day. You can also put them in your pocket or purse. Some crystals benefit from being kept in natural light to ‘charge’ them; therefore, a windowsill or shelf will suffice. Place them next to your bed to absorb their energy while you sleep.

3. The clear quartz crystal is the most powerful.

This natural splendor has been on the planet since the beginning of time. It now accounts for 12% of the earth’s crust and is utilized in various applications ranging from jewelry to electronics. It’s known as the “master healer,” or “rock star of all rocks,” for its ability to fend off bad energy, regulate the body, and strengthen the immune system.

4. The trend was not started by Hollywood.

While there is a sizable crystal community in Los Angeles, natural rocks have been healing for thousands of years. Crystals have long been used to cure illnesses, fend off evil. They unleash power, dating back to the Stone Age and the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans.

5. They must be ‘cleansed’ before being used.

If you bought your crystal in a shop, it would have been touched by others; therefore, it will need to be ‘cleansed’ of any other energy before using it. Hold it under running water, leave it out in the sun or moonlight, cleanse it with fragrance by burning incense, bury it in sand or dirt for 24 hours, smudge it with sage, or keep it near Clear Quartz, your “master healer.”

6. Set your intentions for your crystal.

Although crystals do not need programming to perform their magic, many people see them as instruments whose energy may be channeled in particular ways. Many practitioners say that you should tell your crystal what you wish to accomplish. It’s a method of enhancing the performance of your crystal by linking you to it.

7. Make use of them to clear your chakras.

Crystals may also be utilized to harmonize the seven chakras in your body. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are believed to affect the chakras in your body (think of emotions as “energy in motion”). Chakra yoga, guided meditation, and crystals may all aid in the re-establishment of balance.

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