Commercial drones which are also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have reinvented old businesses and created new opportunities in the market. Drones are capable of many incredible things. That’s why they are gaining popularity rapidly.

Here are some of the most interesting business uses of commercial drones.


Farmers can be benefitted from the drone in many ways. In fact, in the UAV industry, many cite agriculture as an enormous area of a drone technology opportunity. By helping them detect failed plants early and take inventory of crops, drones save farmers’ money.

The drones can also be used to map and research the farmland and its irrigation systems. In both of these instances, using drones helps speed up otherwise time-consuming tasks.

Furthermore, drones may be fitted to spray crops with pesticides, fertilizers, or water. And for livestock farms, drones may also be used to capture animals and rapidly capture and track valuable animal health and population data.

Environmental Monitoring & Conservation

The drones can be used to keep watch on ecological conditions, much like how farmers use drones to track crops and livestock. UAVs are discreet and, without disrupting them, may track animal populations.

This method of surveillance gives valuable insights into conservation activities, tracking of migration, management of ecosystems, and evaluation of flooding, which are especially useful on the coasts.

Drones can have vegetative and animal population health data and technology has a special opportunity to classify animals in hard-to-reach environments.

Underwater Inspections

By no way is drone technology limited to unmanned aerial vehicles. Submersible drones have been possible for decades, but have only been affordable by major corporations or academic agencies until recently. Underwater drones are now available for less than $1,000, can be operated remotely from a laptop or tablet, and can dive to depths of up to 100 meters.

At a fraction of the expense of employing a skilled diver, submersible aerial inspection drone can be fitted to capture high-resolution underwater photographs or film. Underwater drones have many other commercial uses, including:

  • Evaluations of the environment
  • Recovery and quest
  • In aquaculture
  • Inspections underwater
  • Marine Research

Emergency Services

Using drones for emergency response services offers new possibilities for life-saving measures, especially when it comes to medical needs. Using drones to get an eye on a complicated situation or to provide stranded patients with medical supplies may boost the ability of emergency response doctors to provide treatment in critical circumstances.

For a while, drones have been used to rapidly get eyes on crisis sites. So, why not add medical intervention? Why can’t we send telemedicine shipments using drones?

Security Surveillance

Another field full of possibilities for a drone company is home and business defense. A drone will capture and upload live video footage of a home burglary to a mobile, as well as, if necessary, alert the police.

Drones can also help detect other property hazards, such as fire and water spills, as well. Live drone video feeds may be transmitted to the mobile device of a home or business owner, to a remote control center, or directly to first responders.

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