1. Electronic Health Record (EHR)

An Electronic Health Record or EHR software is useful in keeping away the hassle of paperwork to keep and maintain the records. Paperwork is now an outdated trend as they are a hassle to maintain and very easy to lose. EHR software is used in many big healthcare organizations to maintain the record of the patients in a single place and to be shared with the right personnel in the hospital so they can be looked after using DICOM medical imaging data.

Smaller organizations haven’t really harnessed this tool yet or maybe they don’t know about it. In any case, the Electronic Health Record is a must-have for a healthcare organization to have their patient’s DICOM medical imaging data sorted out using DICOM viewer web based services.

2. Patient Portal

Portals are gaining popularity and being used in different organizations. From educational to medical organizations are utilizing this technology that makes the patient stay connected with the organization even at home. A patient portal allows the patient to schedule appointments, access their medical history, contact the organization, track their progress, view the bills and many other things that are essential for a medical organization all by sitting at home. This reduces the patient traffic that may take up the important time in staying on call while patient tells when they are free for an appointment. This tool has definitely made the lives easier for the staff of medical organization all while giving more control to patients.

3. Billing Software

Just like DICOM medical imaging data, billing is also an essential part of a business (obviously) as the business thrives and grows because of these payments for your work. Without the use of medical software, it is difficult to keep everything in check and humans can make errors because we are humans after all. All the insurance policies, third-party payments, medical plans, any discounts and all the other stuff that can make a human very confused but a software that is made for handling this sort of complex calculation won’t even flinch. Installing one of the many billing software in the market will ensure that you don’t lose any of your earnings, keep the records of transactions and with security.


4. Scheduling Software

For a healthcare organization that doesn’t have a scheduling software may face a lot of commotion at times which can be very stressful to handle. Many patients coming to the clinic to book themselves an appointment only to find that their desired date and time are already booked upon is not a very great sight to bear. Scheduling software is in a wide variety in the market and patient scheduling is a genre of its own. Have one of these installed in your clinic so there is no fuss. Educate the patients that they can now make an appointment from their home by visiting your website or downloading your app or via email. Make sure that the scheduling software supports these features and have a technical person to handle all these operations with ease. Once done right, you will see the difference in the noise traffic and reduction in phone calls for making appointments.

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