4 Questions You Need Answer Before Buying a Smart Security Camera
4 Questions You Need Answer Before Buying a Smart Security Camera

One of the best features of a smart home is monitoring what is going on even when you are not around. A home security camera is fantastic for keeping an eye on things from afar, whether it’s your kids, pets, or an exotic gem collection.

Indoor security cameras enable you to watch what’s happening in your house via live or recorded video; however, capabilities vary by device. However, not all cameras are made equal. Some feature alarms or give you messages when they detect activity; others have two-way audio.

There are so many options and features that finding the best smart camera seems almost impossible. The answers to these questions should help you a bit!

#1. Can someone hack my smart camera?

Unfortunately, smart security cameras may be hacked, but we have a few suggestions to help you stay safe.These steps may help you optimize the privacy of your security cameras, regardless of what security features are included with your camera :

  • Purchase a camera with a well-known brand name from a reputable vendor.
  • Make sure your home Wi-Fi network is safest.
  • Ensure that your camera and any applications you use to access it have unique, random, and secure passwords.
  • Update the firmware on your camera and Wi-Fi network every month.
  • When you’re not using remote viewing, turn it off.
  • When you’re not using your camera, use post-it notes or painters’ tape to cover the lens.

#2. Can I use security cameras as a “baby” or “pet” monitor?

Many people buy a wireless security camera to watch the people and animals they care about. Here are some factors to consider if this is your goal:

  • Two-Way Communication:This allows you to listen in and communicate with your pets or family members.
  • Night Vision:If you wish to utilize the camera as a baby monitor, clear low-light photographs are vital.
  • Viewing Angle:Most security cameras have a wide-angle lens;however, baby monitors and nanny cams often have a narrower field of view to concentrate on the infant.
  • Tilt & Pan:You may want to be able to adjust the camera angle if you’re monitoring pets or older children remotely from the workplace or on a beach.

#3. Can I use a smart home camera to see outside as well?

Wireless smart cameras can’t have it all. Isn’t it amazing if they could keep an eye on what’s going on inside during the day and outdoors after dark? However, this may work sometimes.

When directed out a window, most interior security cameras will pick up glares and reflections. Most probably, it’ll be unusable.We suggest buying the proper camera for each place if security is a concern for you both outside and inside.

#4. Is a wireless indoor smart camera sufficient for security?

We propose an outside camera first and foremost if you need to guard against intruders.Outdoor security cameras can prevent burglars and give you a heads-up before they break into your house. While inside, security cameras may assist you in capturing a burglar after the occurrence.

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