Here are some interesting facts about cloud computing and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) you might have never known.

  1. Banking sector is the top sector which widely used cloud computing. This is because they offer virtual services. Moreover, the digital currencies like Bitcoin and online payments services like PayPal, the use of cloud computing has increased.
  2. Government in any country is the largest user of cloud computing services. US government agencies spend more than $2 billion a year in cloud services. They use public, private as well as hybrid clouding services and this leads to more expenses.
  3. Cloud computing industry including picture archiving and communication systems crossed $100 billion milestone in 2016. In 2013, this makes a 30% increase within just 3 years. Experts believe the use of cloud services will further increase in future and more companies will start using cloud computing.
  4. 60% US security decision makers have a deep trust in cloud services and how secure they are. More than 80% enterprises in the world use cloud computing for data storage. Moreover, cloud services have helped them cut down their cost and downsize IT department labor.
  5. By the end of 2019, public cloud services will show a 45% growth as compared to 2015. This shows the cloud computing is becoming more popular and the companies as well as government are realizing their important as well as tight security for data protection.
  6. A study found out that 80% companies that adopted cloud computing witnessed major growth or improvement in their IT departments within just five months. It leads to reduce cost, low number of IT professionals as well as better data storage and improved security.
  7. Only 16% people in the world rightly know about cloud computing that it is a place to store, share and access data. That means, more than 80% people never knew what cloud computing actually is and why it is used.
  8. By 2020, experts believe cloud computing will be holding a data more than 40 zettabytes. This is really a huge amount of data. We can predict the cloud services will become more popular in coming years.
  9. It is really interesting to learn that the US agencies saved $5.5 billion a year after they shifted to cloud services like PACS medical imaging system. The other services for data storage, access and sharing are expensive but cloud computing has proved economical in this regard.
  10. Multiple studies predicted that by 2020, 78% of the US businesses will have fully adopted cloud computing. With this, the use of cloud computing will increase and the industry will notice huge investment as well as improvement.
  11. In a Microsoft survey, 62% respondent submitted that their data and level and privacy protection improved with cloud services. Also, 92% business managers reported their company’s data privacy increased with cloud computing. The cloud computing is gaining popularity because of better security and low costs.
  12. At the moment, 60% companies around the world are seeking employees with expertise in cloud computing. The future for cloud computing experts and professionals is surely bright. They will have multiple opportunities to boost their career.

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